Planning, design & engineering
in Lehigh Valley

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Every project, every detail, and every interaction is our best effort. Always.

Our deep experience and wide range of services create comprehensive and efficient processes that surpass expectations. Saving time and money for clients is as important to us as creating spaces and places that contribute to exceptional communities.

Committed to clients & community, defined by their success

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“We are constantly striving to make better places to live, better places to work.”
J. Stuart Pidcock

We provide insight from the municipal perspective and facilitate the procurement of permits and planning approvals, as well as understand projects from the client and public perspective. Once engaged, we provide oversight until projects are complete… and often work with clients on subsequent projects for years.

We embrace our
role in the larger community

Informed by our rich history, not defined by it


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A family business with
an expansive definition
of family.

Established in 1924, Pidcock fueled both the area’s initial industrial growth and its current evolution as a dynamic, 21st-century economic center. Our approach to all that we do is informed by our rich history and energized by new technologies and opportunities. We are proud of our work, our team and our investment in the area we call home.