With decades of experience evaluating building enclosures, solving problems and meeting challenges, our building science experts bring their flawless reputation to every project— from historic masonry buildings to high performance wall systems.

Our team of building enclosure professionals has firsthand experience derived from thousands of projects of every building enclosure system and material type. This experience provides the foundation of our expert consulting.

Designing a properly functioning building enclosure system requires a specialized expertise and knowledge of critical design elements. During the design phase, our engineers, architects, and enclosure specialists provide our clients with realistic and reliable solutions to the most complex design challenges. We provide assistance in material selection, detail development, and design review to avoid incompatibilities in materials and systems.

Building enclosure repair solutions begin with a thorough assessment. Our team uses all modern means to assess the building effectively. This includes using staging, lifts, ladders and drone technology. The data is collected, organized, and analyzed. Our clients are furnished with a findings report that houses the data collected and documents the buildings condition. Remediation drawings and details are developed to repair the buildings enclosure deficiencies.